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Test - Daylong after sun

Daylong  is  a brand name well known for its high quality sunscreens. Not many people are aware of their after sun products. These milks and creams are not only intended  for  use  following  a  sunbath, but also for everyday use.

They are a very agreable alternative for an everyday face and body care. Daylong after sun
comes  in  three different products which vary in their texture and ingredients. Dalong after sun Gel is intended for an instant cool down effect, Daylong after
sun  Lotion  moisturizes, nurtures and cools skin and Daylong after sun Repair is enriched with liposomal encapsulated DNA repair enzyme endonuclease that helps
to rebuild damaged skin tissues.
All  Daylong  products  are  very  pleasant  to  use,  easy to spread and are absorbed fast. A big bonus is the milky texture leaving the skin smooth and with a non-oily  feeling. All these products are enriched with glycerine and panthenol, Lotion also contains vitamin E accelerating the skin recovery. After sun Repair also includes the liposomal encapsulated DNA repair enzyme endonuclease. Its key ingredients lead to lasting moisture and care.
As  it  is  mostly  women who appreciate high quality skin lotions, we asked our female-riders and wifes of our riders about their experience with Daylong after sun.

bad aplication of sunscreen need help with Daylong Night Repair


„I have known Daylong sunscreen products long before our team cooperation with Daylong started. The after sun skin care products were new to me though. I’m very picky  when  it  comes  to  face  and  body care, I have been using only natural oils and tinctures for years now. I was very surprised by the great feeling the Daylong  after  sun  Repair offers, I tend to use it for the whole body now and love the feeling it gives when I put it on after a sauna. I prefer oily and rich creamy  textures,  so  my  most favorite product is the after sun Repair. I used the cooling effect Daylong after sun Gel during massages of our cyclists in the sunny stages of this year’s Tour de Maroc, guys really appreciated the cooling feeling,” said Zuzana Vojtášová about the after sun products.

The  current  Miss  of  Slovak cycling, Lívia Hanesová, shares her experience: „My skin is prone to being dry whether exposed to sun or not. I therefore use the Daylong  after  sun  Repair daily as a body and face milk. I like its texture, it is not sticky and get absorbed fast, without leaving white stains and spots on skin  or  clothing.  I  also  use Daylong after sun products to get the extra hydration after a day spent in the sun as these products cools down irritated skin easily.“

Marcela  Bátorová,  wife  of  one  of  our riders, Lukáš, said about after sun products: „I got to experience Daylong products thanks to my husband and his team sponsor.  I admit I am very satisfied with the feeling these milks give me, I haven’t stopped using them head to toes even during my pregnancy. On the contrary, I benefit of the rich contents of the lotion for my growing belly. It helps me to preserve my smooth hydrated skin without stria the gravidity usually brings. I got rid of the tense, dry and sensitive skin during my gravidity thanks to Daylong products.”

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