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Diary from Guyane part 3

Second stage was a hot one from Macouria to Cayenne. About 132km of fast racing in the 37 deg.C temperatures in shade.

Since we blew up completely in the first stage, we knew we had to be more attentive today. There was a strong face wind from the start, so none of the break-aways lasted for long. I decided to go for the first intermediate sprint at 10km. Peloton streamed to 2 long snake-like rows of riders. I decided to go with the left one and positioned myself behing Ramler. It seemed to be more advantageous as there was a slight left curve on the road ahead. I had no clue Ramler would ride that slow, so got outsprinted by the French from the other row - it was all but difficult for them due to our really low speed. I wasn’t sprinting anymore as we crossed the intermediate sprint line and still finished 5th. If I had not saved my energy and would continue to sprint, I would’t make it to better than 3rd place thought and the 2 points I would get were not worth the energy loss that action would have required. If we had not screwed these 2 sprints – today and also in the first stage, I’m pretty sure I could have gone for the Sprints Jersey. But it’s over now, I will try to focus on a result in a stage from now on. A small group of 8 broke away right after the intermediate sprint. We had 2 riders, Geert and Jorg in the group – good for the rest of us as we had no obligation to lead the peloton. It was up to the Guadeloupe riders to chase down the leading group. They needed to defend their yellow-jersey. Front group had a gap of over 2 minutes in some points, but due to a strong front wind the peloton literally swallowed this group with some 45km left. Riding became more restless and aggressive with the finish line approaching. Due to a strong wind the peloton stayed compact and it was a mass sprint to decide of the winner. Finish was on top of a short –only 1km long- but really steep climb with the finish incine of 15% in the last 300m. I’m any type of rider but a climber, so even despite being in 3rd position on the foothill of the final climb and giving it all my best in the first half of the climb, I could see there’s no way I would end up in the top 10 so I eased for the last 300m and finished in 50th position or so. I was never capable to do a good result in climbs, I am a flat-stage sprinter. It was a pity the finish was not flat as I had a really good position today. Our best rider arrived in 15th place. Unlucky Jorg, who had been in a break-away for over 70km of the stage got a flat tire close to the finish and didn’t have time to come back to the peloton. He was also awaited by the Doping Control in the finish to make his day more happy. As far as Doping Controls are concerned, there are 5 riders going to a medical control each day. Stage winner, yellow-jerse and 3 riders from a draw. No special stories and experience out of the cycling world today. Tomorrow might be a more interesting day from this point of view as the 170km long stage starts at 9AM and will lead us to a town of Man on the border with Surinam. The last kilometres of the stage will be tough as there are many short steep climbs on the way and the climate changes to a more dry one with higher temperatures.

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