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Daylong sunscreen testing

We feel experienced enough to review the Daylong products – we’ve tested them vastly over the past months during our trips to Cameroon, Maroc, and also during really hot and sunny days in Slovakia.



All our racers were given sunscreens Daylong 15, Daylong 30 and a recovery cream Daylong Night Repair. Some were also testing Daylong 50 and Daylong Apres products. I will try to sum up our experience in the following text.


Company SPIRIG is well known for a production of top quality sunscreens and recovery creams after sunbathing. They are not available in drugstores, but only distributed through pharmacies. Daylong products really are the top products in the world. Production is located in Switzerland and all the qualitative EU normes are exceeded by far. There are no artifical perfumes added and skin is very smooth after use. This is a common characteristic for all their products. You get a very natural feeling after use of any of the Daylong family products, after a while you won’t even remember you just put some cream on, just the well rehydrated skin reminds you of it. Application only once a day is needed for a 10-12 hours feeling, even when exposed to water or excess sweating. Especially this water resistant function is very convinient – there is no need to renew the protection throughout the day. Compared to any other trade mark, Daylong really needs to be applied only once a day. Normal usage is summarized in the following table and is applicable to various sunscreen factors. It’s only important to put the correct amount once, no need to repeat the application. This is a common feature of all Daylong products. What we regard as one of the biggest adventages is its resistance to water and sweat – we feel well protected also during intensive sweating while doing sports. Cream doesn’t come off neither in high humidity climate. We did our own private research with various types of sunscreens – the majority of them did all right as a sunburn prevention but even well known trade marks couln’t sustain the heavy sweating during an intense sports activities in demanding climate and were carried by the pores to the skin surface. Daylong really excels in this feature, no wonder it has become an official partner of many olympic federations

So what are the differences between various Sun Protective Factors (SPF)? Really no differences in the feeling after application. Difference is in the time during which the protection effects lasts and during which the skin is protected from the sunburn. Of course this is also strongly dependant on the skin type – some riders with good pigmentation never need to use a sunscreen higher than 15 even in a merciless African sun. And then there are those with an urgent need of SPF 50 in the very beginning of the season. It’s necessary to know one’s need especially in very exposed environments such as humid climates where sweat on skin’s surface acts as a magnifying glass and increases the risk of sunburn. The minimum sunscreen Daylong offers is 15. There is a logic to that, because a SPF 6 does not have any real importance due to the very short length of protection. The sunscreen factor tells us of the time or duration of our protection from sun – it’s a multiple of the time that is safe for your skin to be exposed to sun without any sunscreen. If your normal tolerance is lets say 10 minutes to sun without any negative effects, than putting a sunscreen with SPF 25 on should protect you for the following 250 minutes. Therefore, the most important thing when choosing a correct sunscreen is identifying correctly your skin type. Then you should also take into consideration the UV intensity which is different in our country than it is on the sea coast or in snow-covered mountains. It is also different in Europe than it is in Australia or Greenland. This table might be of a use to you for the very first consideration of the correct sunscreen. I personally recommend to use rather higher sunscreen than a lower one. You can get your skin burnt really easily which also decreases your full potential in sports performance. Many people think, that black people don’t get sunburn which is not right – their skin is just as sensitive as white one. Even a rider of continental team Endura, brit David Clark, uses a sunscreen daily despite his black skin as a prevention of slow recovery after his training in sun. For a skin recovery I truly recommend to use the Apres product line. Daylong Apres is a milky texture with soothing and calming effect. Daylong Night Repair is further enriched with a nourishing endonucleosis. Both creams leave your skin with a really agreeable feeling, they are not oily and serve as a good source of rehydration to your skin. Really there’s no downside to the products I could mention. Some creams come in tubes, others in small flasks. I personally prefer the small flasks, they are more convinient when travelling as they don’t loose their shape and cream comes out easier. The only downside of Daylong products that comes to my mind is it’s slightly higher price compared to some of the competitors’ products, but still on the same level with renowned trade marks. Based on my personal experience I must tell Daylong outclasses all the other trade marks by far in its qualities. When comparing the amount of cream needed and the fact you only need to apply Daylong once, the price is not that high after all compared to other trade marks. Plus you get a really nice feeling on your skin as a bonus. There is actually one other disadvantage Daylong has and that is the fact it’s being distributed only via pharmacies. Impossible to get one if you think of it while packing for your holidays at midnight. You better always have an extra one at home.


“As for me personally, I only use Daylong 15. I’m fairly well pigmented, so no matter if I’m exposed to first year’s sun or if I am in strong African sun, 15 is good enough for me. It might also be given by the fact that Daylong always exceeds all the norms, so an SPF 15 is actually a stronger one. I only make exemption with my ears and nose protection, I tend to use SPF 30 in the beginning of the season. I have a long-term experience with Daylong, it was recommended to me by our team manager back in my previous team, ŽP Podbrezová. It really is a Ferrari in the sunscreen market.“ are positive experience by Ivan Viglaský.

Lívia Hanesová mentions her first contacts with Daylong trade-mark: “When travelling to Africa with our team, it’s always only as part of the team support, I’m not racing – so I’m fine with a SPF 15. Also when exposed to first sun in Slovakia, sunscreen 15 suffices to me. This trade mark was new to me, but I will definitelly use it also in the future due to its really good qualities. I like especially the feeling I get after application of Daylong Night Repair – the feeling you get is sensational, really as a balm to fatigued skin. I really like the feeling you get right after application, sometimes I even put it on spontaneously, without being exposed to sun at all. It truly is a top class product in one’s skin care.“


“I have been using Daylong from my very first time in African races. A top quality sunscreen is a must when you travel to countries with extremely hot climate I was exposed to in Burkina Fasso, Senegal, Cameroon and the same applies to humid climate of Guadeloupe, French Guyane and others. You feel every sunburn as an energy loss when racing in a stage race – basically it has the same impact on you as if you destroy your skin in a fall. Body reacts by increased body temperature. I tried many different trade marks when I started to race in these arduous conditions. Many people advised me to try Daylong, told me it’s the best trade mark for sportsmen and I am ready to stand out for this anytime. That was some five or six years ago. Since then I recommend only Daylong to everyone. That was years before our cooperation with Daylong representative in Slovakia started. I am really glad we are partners with a top trade mark in sunscreen market. My little niece also started using this cream, I advise it to use for small kids as well. When the season starts, or when I’m in the strong African sun for the first time in the year, I usually go for SPF 30 – that’s actually label for former SPF 40, so it’s a sufficient protection. I use a sunscreen 50 for my ears and nose. During the summer, as my skin gets used to the sun, I decrease the factor to 15. Following this approach, I never had problems even in the merciless sun in Sahara and I always got a nice tan with no sunburn. One product I really love to use is the Daylong Night Repair. It leaves the skin really soft and smooth. The feeling right after application is extremely agreeable and much nicer than any other special skin care product.“ are the long-term experiences of Martin Fraňo.

“I first came accross Daylong this spring in Maroc. I was surprised – in the very positive way – by the fact that the cream didn’t leave any oily marks or greasy feeling in general. No need to wash your hands after application. I got on my bike right after having put the cream on, without the risk of my hands being greasy and sliding from my handlebars. Very natural feeling indeed.” (Miroslav Debnár)

“I am not prone to sunburn, but as a prevention I usually use SPF 15. Just to make sure I don’t expose my body to an unnecessary stress and don’t slow down my recovery after a race.” (Martin Haring)

“Normally I only use Daylong 15. SPF only in the beginnings of the season. Daylong really proved it’s qualities, now I use it many times only as a prevention, I don’t even notice having put the cream on, it really gives a natural feeling. Truly the best sunscreen I ever tried so far.” (Lukáš Bátora)


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