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As Barzzuz became a partner of Cycling Team Banská Bystrica, our riders have had the possibility to try and test different coffee brands. We bring you just a small testing preview based on our experiences and likings accompanied by a brief commentary of the first quality Barzzuz coffee roaster.

We will introduce you coffee brands from Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Mexico and the non-coffeine coffee. You will learn how the taste of a coffee becomes affected by different approaches to roasting and a different way of coffee preparation.


Brazilian coffee Santos offers a very rich and complex taste. You can find a tint of wallnuts in its sweet flavor. Since acidity of this coffee is being really low, it creates a very special bittery-sweet and chocolate type flavor. This brand gives a very rich foam.

"Brazil is one of my most favorite Barzzuz coffees. I like the bitter taste with a tint of chocolate. Freshly ground, it creates a very rich and tasty foam.” Zuzana Vojtášová says aboout Brazil.




Guatemala truly is one of the best coffee brands and origins. It got many awards and has been ranked as the top quality out of all world coffee brands. Espresso made of Guatemala beans is very harmonic and soft with a tint of citrus and chocolate flavor.

Lukáš Bátora shares his impression of the Guatemala coffee: "The very first encounter left a great sensation. I never tasted a coffee such as this one, I believe it has to please everyone due to its unique taste – neither bitter nor acid, I’d say a very well balanced taste. I like it the most out of all the Barzzuz portfolio.”


Ethiopia brand comes from the genuine coffee origins. It has a valued soft taste with a tint of dark fruits, slightly spiced. It is characterized by a lower level of caffeine. While Sidano type is very soft tinted with a fruit flavor, Harrar, considered to be the Mother Coffee is more rich and robust in taste.

Martin Fraňo tells about his most favorite coffee brand: “Ethiopia Harrar is definitelly my top favorite coffee. Hard to compare it to any other brands – it has a striking robust taste, slightly sour, slightly spicy with a long-lasting feeling in your mouth. It’s different from the majority of coffees, not everyone likes its distinguishable taste. But it really did get under my skin.”

Experience of Ivan Viglaský is quite similar: “I go for sweeter coffee brands from Latin America region when preparing cappuccino. But talking of a normal espresso, I would definitelly go for Ethiopia Harrar.“


Mexico is a very light and extremely soft coffee with only light acidity. Very sweet taste with a tint of chocolate. Mexico is third biggest coffee producer in the Americas succeeding Brazilia and Columbia. It is a pioneer country in the production of organic (bio) coffee and in Fair Trade production though.

"I am a big fan of latin-american coffees. They usually taste sweet and soft. I usually go fo a Mexican coffee when preparing my cappucino made of unskimmed milk, reminds me of a cocoa taste really. Very sweet and chocolate like.” portrays Ivan Viglaský


Caffeine free coffee:

A blend of South and Latin American brands. Taste is very balanced with a strong taste and flavor.

"Great taste. I was surprised by the genuine coffee taste, I wouldn’t have guessed it’s a caffeine-free alternative. It outshines even very many standard type coffee brands.” said Lívia Hanesová.

The final coffee taste that you get in your cup is not only dependant on the beans’ origin and the coffee brand, but is strongly affected by the roasting process. The degree of roasting has a major impact on the coffee taste, on its aroma as well as other coffee features. Roasting process consists of more stages and all of them create the final taste. Acid flavor predominates in lightly roasted beans. With a prolongued roasting time acidity vanishes and the sweet taste expresses itself.

Medium roast is the optimal balance between acid and sweet tastes. Coffee taste is very much influenced by the nature of coffee beans themselves with this type of roasting. Roasted coffee is suitable for any type of preparation and sering – lime coffee, filtered one or espresso.

Medium dark roast is suitable for all types of coffee as well, but optimal for espresso. Bitterness can be sometimes too strong in a lime coffee. Sweet coffee taste is accentuated and acidity vanishes in medium dark roasted coffee. Differences in various coffee brands become less distinguishable.

In dark roasted coffees, the bitter taste predominates. It’s very popular in America and in Italy.

I hope you could smell the delicious scent of freshly ground Barzzuz coffee as reading through our article. Coffee is valued not only for its great taste, but also as a natural form of caffeine. A coffee shot has become part of a routine before a training or a race of almost every cyclist. I’m very grateful for having a first class roasting company working with the world best coffee beans in my home town of Banská Bystrica, in Central Slovakia. Everyone is free to come and experience the great taste of various types of coffee in their cosy Café, ranging from world class brands to non-caffeine type or the well-known civet coffee. You can purchase any coffee in their portfolio – freshly roasted of course –and prepare a cup of good coffee back at your home.

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