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Royal Bay – faster way to recovery

Compression sportswear has become very popular over the past years, especially endurance sportsmen merit its benefits on their recovery. There are activities such as running, where compression sportswear is used also during the sports activity as a prevention of uncomfortable muscle vibrations in case of bulkier calfs.

In cycling, kneesocks are forbidden in racing according to UCI rules. Their positive effects are mostly visible in the recovery phase anyway or in the time preceding a sports activity as they help to maintain a correct muscle tension and blood flow. There is no need to use them right after a demanding race or training block since the muscles themselves act as a pump and enhance the correct blood flow. Activity where compression sportswear is a must and the effects are extremelly beneficial to one’s health and notable to almost everyone is long travelling.

Unless you have vein problems, you should not feel any discomfort nor have a feeling of your legs swollen with excess water when doing any kind of sports. The correct functioning of veins is ensured by the impulses they get from the muscles. The only time when one should experience swollen and heavy legs is during long hours of inactive sitting or standing, when the muscle pump is not active. Veins expand and due to gravitation on our planet the blood returns more slowly and with difficulties to the heart. Feeling of heavy legs and an overall fatigue appear shortly. This is the situation sportsmen in general try tro avoid as they know their performance level will not increase if they don’t let their body recover well. Kneesocks are thus extremelly convenient especially for people who spend a lot of time sitting moveless in a car or by their computer all day long.

Martin Fraňo, team manager and a racer himself talks about his first experience with compression knee socks: „I don’t get the feeling of heavy legs unless I travel long hours. I’m already looking forward to test them during my next trip to Morocco or Cameroun. I was surprised the compression didn’t disturb me at all. What I appreciate most about them is the lively green color, I definitely will wear them during my travels to and from races.”

The great feeling of comfort is ensured by a graded compression from the ankle to the knee and two different calf widths in each size. Company does think about the physiological differences in men. Compression sportswear was new to Ivan Viglaský as well: „I was surprised by the very naturall feeling of the knee socks as I was a little bit afraid of the compression at first. Right after I got a pair of Royal Bay I had a long day of travelling ahead of me. 6 hours of just sitting in a car or in the office is usually the time when my legs tend to swallen. This time I was nicely surprised by the lack of heavy legs feeling when I got home at night. I see their best potential during long hours of travelling to races abroad, especially when there is a race awaiting us the following day.“

Royal Bay are manufactured in a truly professional way and design due to the professional background of the producer. The Czech company Aries has been producing socks, nylons and compression goods on prescription for many years now. Zuzana Vojtášová has a broad experience with compression knee socks, she shares her experience with us: „I have had compression knee socks on prescription from my doctor for many years now. I wear them daily, otherwise my legs would become swollen and painful after one hour of sitting or inactive standing. It would be impossible and painful for me to go training after work without having them on during the day. You don’t realize and appreciate the benefits of goods like this until you have a problem, you don’t understand how simple knee socks could be so helpful. Take vitamins for example, you don’t feel their positive effects when you’re healthy. Vain problems are a bit more tricky though, when you overlook vain troubles in the beginning, usually it’s too late to heal them thoroughly and one has to live with it, problems become chronical. That was my case too, so now I can’t tell one single bad word about compression sportswear.”

The knee socks are produced in a great detail – ergonomic fit with a foot massage and anti-shock cushioning while the foot breathes easily and odours are minimized thanks to silver threads used in the production. „The user-friendly details such as safety reflective elements got me completely. It means the designers not only think about the functionality of their goods but also about the safety of their clients and that’s the little bit of extra I’m looking for when deciding for any product,“ Zuzana adds.

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