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Diary from Guyane part 1

We are going to bring you updates as to how our team member Martin Fraňo is doing in a stage race in South American French Guyane.


In 2009 the organizers of Tour de Guyane decided they wanted to have a race at a level comparable to UCI 2.2 races of allied overseas regions of Guadeloupe and Martinique. It was supposed to be the first step prior to getting enlisted on the UCI 2.2 calendar in the following years. Kind of rehearsal with an inspection from the French Cycling Federation. A grandiose team presentation preceded the race. Increased level of organization was also notable in the high catering standard in the hotel in a historical part of the capital Cayenne.

“I've been to this race already twice, with our team CK Banská Bystrica back in 2006 and then with Dutch team Altipower Global Cycling in 2007. The increased organizational level is evident. There is 105 riders on the start list with selection of Guadeloupe, 3 French teams, 3 Dutch teams (me being a member of one of these teams) and a German team. Selection of the near-by Martinique is absent this year. All the remaining riders are locals who can be quite dangerous when talking about cycling of course, especially since they race in their homeland. Guadeloupe riders came to defend their victory from previous 2 editions, but it will be a big challenge for them this year as the competition is high. Increased level of the race can be seen also in the improved media coverage – there's always been a summary of the day on TV including a life discussion debate, but this year they are also going to bradcast last 3 stages life.” said Martin Fraňo about the upcoming race.

You can get more in depth information about the race at Pictures from the team presentation have been already uploaded to this web. You can also watch the stage coverage on a website of local TV – rfo. The evening debate studio is also uploaded each day to their web

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