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Lívia Hanesová - Miss Slovak cycling 2012

Sponsor of the contest, Slovak Federation of Cycling, organizes already 2nd edition of Miss of Slovak Cycling. It’s a public poll where everyone can express their opinion.


CT BB is taking part in this beauty contes as well in the person of Lívia Hanesová. She has not only had a very successful cycling season 2012 when she got 3 bronze medals in Championship of Slovakia in road, MTB marathon and also in the up-hill time trial, but became also Miss of Slovak cycling 2012.

The beauty queen will be awarded at a ceremonial show The Golden Pedal where all the best cyclists of Slovak cycling will be present. She will be given the crown from the current Miss of Slovak Cycling, Karin Baumlova 28.december 2012 in Holiday Inn Hotel in Bratislava. The best Slovak cyclists in all cycling disciplines and Miss of Slovak Cyclingfor the year 2012 will be awarded throughout the evening. 


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